Wong Chim Yuen Lingnam Style Chinese Painting and Yip Chi Wa Chinese Ink Painting Exhibition 嶺南畫黃瞻遠、現代水墨葉志華作品展

I know Wong Chim Yuen through a friend. Wong and Yip Chi Wai will have an exhibition from Feb 21st to 27th from 8:30am to 9:30pm at Oasis Gallery, Central. I will see you at the opening on the 22nd, Wednesday at 2:30pm! (Free Admission, come check out the artwork!)

朋友介紹認識了黃瞻遠老師。黃老師和葉志華先生以畫會友,於中環綠洲藝廊(中環街市2樓)舉辦作品展,由2月21日至2月27日(8:30am-9:30pm)。我會出席開幕禮, 2月22日(星期三)2:30pm 到時見! (免費入場)


紐約 Apexart's Unsolicited Exhibition Program Jury 藝術展覽評審

Apexart’s Unsolicited Exhibition Program (UEP) is a month-long open call for focused, idea-driven, original group exhibitions. The three highest ranking proposals will be financially supported by Apexart.

It's my honor to be one of the jurors and select the three UEP exhibitions for 2017-18 season. Check out the results of UEP :


每一季 紐約 Apexart 舉辦的 Unsolicited Exhibition Program (UEP) 會從世界各地收到約500份藝術展覽計劃書,得票最高的三份能夠獲得 Apexart 資助 。這是我榮幸被邀請當今季的其中一位評審。

2017-18 UEP 甄選結果:

The Posterist-Yuen Tai Yung's Illustrations《海報師》阮大勇的插畫藝術

The Posterist is a documentary film about Hong Kong artist Yuen Tai Yung who mainly illustrated Hong Kong movies posters from 1975 to 1992. I watched it in Mid-Nov. Yuen, the Director Hui Si Wai and his father Michael Hui were there. They had sharing and Q & A after the movie. I was excited and asked Yuen about his favorite western artist and poster from this generation. He said he likes Picasso and Golden Age Poster.

Check out Yuen's illustrations of Bruce Lee.

《海報師》是一部關於香港藝術家阮大勇的真實紀錄電影。阮老師參與 1975-1992 年時期香港電影海報的插畫創作。當晚阮老師,導演許思維和父親許冠文在電影放映後有座談會。我很興奮地問阮老師兩個問題:第一,有沒有喜愛的西方藝術家;第二,現在的電影海報有沒有他欣賞的。阮老師說他喜歡畢加索和《黃金時代》的海報。



Zhan Zhong Xiao Draws 詹忠效白描繪畫

I am happy to get a chance to talk to Professor Zhan and see his art work during summer. The perspective in his drawings is just like what we see in animation.



Apex Art: How to Make Space Group Art Exhibition (June 25-July 23, 2016)

My very first group art exhibition in Hong Kong!

How to Make Space (June 25-July 23, 2016)

organized by Rear View (Projects)
(Jennifer Davis and Su-Ying Lee)

Featuring work by:
Stephanie Comilang
Devora Neumark in collaboration with Open Door and
Rowena Yin-Fan Chan
Tings Chak

Opening Reception: June 26, Sunday 2pm-5pm
Venue: Oasis Gallery
Central Market Public Passage 2/F, 80 Des Voeux Road Central, Central.

Website: http://apexart.org/exhibitions/davis-lee.php

We look forward to seeing you on the 26th!


How to Make Space ( 6月25日至7月23日)

地點:Oasis Gallery 綠洲藝廊



Becoming a Courageous Artist 藝術家的勇氣

Art makes me humble and I learn to be patient when my art doesn't communicate effectively and no one is interested in it.
Art teaches me perseverance and affirms me how much I love art when I have to stay up all night working on my art.
Art shows me how to appreciate and respect others when I am surrounded by tons of talented artists and cannot do the arts others are doing.
Art inspires me to be transparent and honest to myself so that my artwork will be authentic enough to grab my audience's attention.
Art makes me vulnerable and accept the fact that I am not perfect when I receive harsh criticisms on my art.
Art helps me to grow into an artist with self-control when I feel inferior to others and want to be proud of my art talent.
Art reminds me that mistakes are only normal and encourages me to listen with empathy and understanding.
Art proves how much my family love me when I receive respect, encouragement and support from them.
Art relieves me when i am stressful. (This is very important ! )
Art teaches me the Art of Failure.
I can be myself and find out more of who I am inside through art.
The passion I have for art gives me COURAGE to overcome my fears and face the past.

藝術讓我放鬆一下。( 這是非常重要的 ! )