RoMe 請找我麻煩 。

My friends call me Roro and this is my route.


Rowena Chan 陳燕芬

Hong Kong-based, raised in San Francisco. Growing up in a multicultural city, Rowena became very interested in the expression of her different cultural identities and the reverberations on her of the everyday life she experienced. Roro assisted Sharon Siskin’s Drawing and Composition classes at Berkeley City College in 2010. She had her solo exhibition in San Francisco in 2013. Since November 2016, she has served as one of the jurors for New York Apexart Exhibition Program.

三藩市長大, 現定居香港。生長在多元文化的大城市, 芬的作品流露她對生活發生的點滴的感受和不同文化對她的身分認同的影響。2010年於美國栢克萊社區大學藝術家 Sharon Siskin 的課程擔任助教。2013年於三藩市舉行首個個人藝術展覽。2016年11月開始獲邀成為美國紐約 Apexart 藝術展覽項目的評審之一。

Education 學歷

2013, Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honors Program), California College of the Arts, Individualized Major with an emphasis in Book Art, Drawing and Mixed Media

純藝術(榮譽課程)學士, 畢業於美國加州藝術學院, 個人自訂課程–主修書本設計、繪畫及複合媒材, 2013

2008, Bachelor of Fine Arts, California College of the Arts, Graphic Design

純藝術學士, 畢業於美國加州藝術學院, 主修平面設計, 2008

For design or illustration inquiries or to say hello, please feel free to contact Rowena at or (852) 5961 5993 (call/whatsapp).