Happy 25th Anniversary, Julie! 25週年快樂, 朱莉! (mixed media 複合媒材 | size 尺寸: 23” x 23”, 2016)

How To Make Space 如何開拓空間

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My artwork as part of the Apexart winning franchise group titled How To Make Space (June 25-July 23, 2016). Curated by Jennifer Davis and Su-Ying Lee (Rear View Projects), this project addressed the limited space that female migrant domestic workers occupy in Hong Kong.

Devora Neumark's project "Part of the Family?"—created in collaboration with me and Open Door along with the two other art projects that comprised this exhibition, was installed at the Central Oasis Gallery, Hong Kong.

"Part of the Family?" was consisted of two parts, one was Letters of Gratitude and the other was 1st Annual Outstanding Employer Contest. Letters were written by families to their domestic workers, providing a space for communication between employer and worker. My drawing "Happy 25th Anniversary, Julie!" celebrated my domestic worker, Julie, who is from Philippines and worked for my family for 25 years since 1991. Besides this, we ran a contest honoring employers who show respect and dignity towards their domestic workers in order to bring positive stories that are rarely heard in the media to the public. The 1st Annual Outstanding Employer Contest Prize Giving Ceremony was held at the Central Oasis Gallery on July 17, 2016.

Photographers 攝影: Ario Adityo | Eddie CY Lam | Esther Young | Fong Tsun Kei

Poster | size 尺寸: 594mm x 840mm | Design 設計: Rowena Chan

Certificate 証書 | Design 設計: Rowena Chan

家·傭同行、跨媒體藝術家及教育者 Devora Neumark , 以及藝術家陳燕芬協辦, 爲藝術項目 “Part of the Family?”《 家庭的一分子?》, 是大型展覽 How to Make Space《如何開拓空間》的其中一部分, 於中環綠洲藝廊展出(2016年6月25日至7月23日)。展覽由紐約 Apexart 贊助, 並由 Jennifer Davis and Su-Ying Lee (2015-16年特許經營項目勝出者)策劃。《如何開拓空間》以不同的角度來體現香港外傭的各類空間經驗,以及身份認同與空間的相互關係。

Part of the Family?” 項目展出一系列由外傭的前度或現任僱主撰寫的書信和畫作,以此作為交流的空間,表達他們對外傭的謝意。感謝信以海報的展示方式呈現在公眾眼前。此外,我們亦特意舉辦「出色僱主」比賽,以表揚僱主與外傭之間的積極正面故事。比賽頒獎典禮於2016年7月17日於中環綠洲藝廊舉行。

展覽其中一幅畫作 “Happy 25th Anniversary, Julie! 25週年快樂, 朱莉 ! 》, 乃我爲服務我家庭25年的菲律賓外傭 Julie 而作。