Becoming a Courageous Artist 藝術家的勇氣

Art makes me humble and I learn to be patient when my art doesn't communicate effectively and no one is interested in it.
Art teaches me perseverance and affirms me how much I love art when I have to stay up all night working on my art.
Art shows me how to appreciate and respect others when I am surrounded by tons of talented artists and cannot do the arts others are doing.
Art inspires me to be transparent and honest to myself so that my artwork will be authentic enough to grab my audience's attention.
Art makes me vulnerable and accept the fact that I am not perfect when I receive harsh criticisms on my art.
Art helps me to grow into an artist with self-control when I feel inferior to others and want to be proud of my art talent.
Art reminds me that mistakes are only normal and encourages me to listen with empathy and understanding.
Art proves how much my family love me when I receive respect, encouragement and support from them.
Art relieves me when i am stressful. (This is very important ! )
Art teaches me the Art of Failure.
I can be myself and find out more of who I am inside through art.
The passion I have for art gives me COURAGE to overcome my fears and face the past.

藝術讓我放鬆一下。( 這是非常重要的 ! )