Got Clouds? 你今日睇咗雲未呀?

Clouds in Sydney, Australia.

Clouds in Sydney, Australia.

Starting off with CLOUDS. I love watching clouds. Clouds are sooooo beautiful. I wish I could have my graphite pencils with me and draw the clouds a bit. I like the size and shape of clouds.

I am originally from Hong Kong. There're lots of tall buildings in HK and I live on the top floor of my apartment building. Sometimes I felt like the sky was close to me and it was always grey blue. When I studied art history and read the Western paintings, I loved how gorgeous the clouds were but felt like it's too fake because I had never seen any clouds like that. I appreciated the artists' good imagination.

I will never forget the day my parents sent me to the States for school. When I arrived at San Francisco, got out of the airport and looked up at the sky, I was stunned. I realized the sky and the clouds on the Western paintings were real. From that moment on, I fell in love with clouds and I called it American clouds. Clouds will be one of the things I miss the most about America.

This is the story behind my art piece "American Clouds."  Click the link below to check out this piece.



我永遠也不會忘記那天爸媽送我出國念書。當我到達三藩市,離開機場,我抬頭一望,我發呆了, 我發現西洋畫中的雲跟天空是真的。從那時開始,我就愛上了雲。我叫它作「美國雲」。我想念美國的雲。